I have formally submitted my name to be in the Board Elections 2014. I am standing for: Reforming the Board. We need to improve the independence, ethics and dispute resolution processes. I will be a root and branches reformer to encourage the Board to make a couple of the positions available to truly independent directors.… Read More

So I’m getting a lot of Twitter spam with links to install bad crap on my computer. More than just occasionally, these DM’s are sent by folks in the infosec field. They should know better than to click unknown links without taking precautions. So what do you need to do? Simple. Follow these basic NIST… Read More

This post is a last resort as I’ve had two comments rejected by the moderators at The Register, one of my favorite IT news websites. Lewis Page is a regular contributor to the Register. For whatever reason, around 50% of his total output there is (willful mis-) reporting on various papers and research on climate… Read More

I have taken the step of finally splitting the cut-n-paste import from my blog at Advogato into the days they actually occurred. All that content was here previously, but in some cases bunched together over many thousands of lines in single massive multi-month postings. Some early permalinks are gone, but that’s okay, you can search… Read More

Some blog entries are easy to write. Not this one. Meebles is no more. In the end, it was peaceful, but his last days must have been hell. At least he had chicken (and lots of it) last night. I first met Meebles in early 1998 when I was looking for a companion to Greebo.… Read More

As many of you have probably noticed by now, my larger than life frame is not at AusCERT 2011. This is a shame as it sounding like one of the best AusCERTs in the history of AusCERT. There’s a couple of reasons for my absence – flu and the strange case of the disappearing job. My services at… Read More

Much earlier this year, the Minister of War and Finance’s (hi Tanya!) old Dell augured in and bought the farm. First, Tanya spilt Milo (granulated malt) grains on the keyboard and this got under the key caps, causing the keys to stick. I tried cleaning it a couple of times, but many keys were never… Read More