I am moving over to using Fedora from Ubuntu as I am helping out with the OLPC XS (School Server) on XO laptop effort, which is Fedora based. Fedora 17, codename The Beefy Miracle (seriously), has just been released, so it’s time to update my Linux development workstations. Installing Fedora 17 in VMWare Fusion /… Read More

As we saw in the previous article, conversion to MySQLi is an awful lot of work. So let’s move to PDO. Step 0. Get PDO working with your database server Somewhere along the line, the PHP and MySQL folks decided to not be friends, so even though 99.99% of all PHP scripts require MySQL, in… Read More

Wow –  that was quick. I have three OLPCs in my office. I need to go sort out some US power plugs for them so I can charge them, but they’re here! 🙂… Read More

Phew. Obviously, the default theme fails a bit when you see only two rows of topic activity. Will really need to make that work a whole lot better. However, the actual rendering is perfect. Yay! One less task to be done.… Read More

Peter Quodling. an old friend, e-mailed out of the blue last week. I have a lot of time for Peter as he’s one of the few Australian IT architects that really knows his stuff, plus he’s a really nice guy. He is involved in OLPC in the PNG region. Last Christmas, I nearly bought an XO… Read More