Contact Me

You can contact me via the following means:

I’m AEST (UTC+10 most of the year, (currently) UTC+11 during our late spring, summer and most of autumn).

  • Email: vanderaj at
  • Mobile: 0451 057 580 (Australia) or +61 451 057 580 (outside Australia)
I do get quite a bit of e-mail, and sadly, I’m quite awful at processing it. Ping me in a few days if you have no replies and really want to talk to me.

Social networks

  • G+ (OWASP & security related) – Follow +Andrew van der Stock <– preferred
  • Twitter (general crap) –  <– rarely use due to signal to noise ratio
  • Facebook (friends only) – you need to know me personally.
  • Professional: Linked In <– rarely use unless I’m recruiting someone. E-mail me if you want me.

If you can’t get me after all this, it wasn’t meant to be. Sorry.

One thought on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Bumped into your site and fun to go through the stuff you blogged. I recommend to many guys who think security is boring. Keep up the great work, glad to get to know you.
    I am not telling about you as I know you will find that out in, say, 500 microseconds :-)


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